Sarah Daher—Curator, Writer, Researcher

Khosh Bosh Podcast

Khosh Bosh with Anita and Sarah sits down with creatives in the UAE to hear their narrative about who they are, where they came from, what they do, and where they’re going.

Coming from backgrounds in art curation, both Sarah and Anita are dedicated to passing the mic and amplifying the voices of those who they feel have something to say. As curators they do so by putting work up on walls, but in an alternative vein they do so by passing them the microphone and giving them a platform like Khosh Bosh on which to share their voices.

Khosh Bosh finished its first season of 20 weekly episodes in January 2022 and is currently partway through its second season

All episodes can be found on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Season 1 guests include (in order of appearance): Mohamed Khalid, Hashel Al Lamki, Lubnah Ansari, Sarah Alagroobi, Gaith and Khalid Abdulla, Mohammad AlShaibani, Mays Albeik, Mojgan Endjavi Barbe, Yasmeen Gailani, Athoub Albusaily, Juma Alhaj, Anna Bernice, Augustine Paredes, Hamza Omari, Jumairy, Maitha Abdalla, Mashael Alsaie, Camila Schubert, Vamika Sinha, and Sara Safwan.