Sarah Daher—Curator, Writer, Researcher

Dirwaza Microfund for Creative Access

As an active part of the Dirwaza Incubator, the Microfund for Creative Access is a resource for UAE-based creative practitioners, granting financial and mentorship support to one proposal per month in May, June, and July as well as September, October and November of 2022.

The Microfund encourages experimentation in multiple forms.  Creatives of all disciplines are encouraged to apply with proposals for unrealized new projects as well as already in-progress projects.

Accepted applicants will be granted up to 1,000 AED to be directed towards the execution of their proposal and will be asked to generate a personal archive (fluid in form) of their creative process during their time being supported by the Microfund. All projects are to submit a final reflection, at the latest, 90 days after acceptance.

For more information, or to apply - visit