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Telephone ︎︎︎ After the Beep
May - August 2021

The question now is whether conceptual links between artists can be formed on spur-of-the-moment, surface contact, and whether the element of anonymity, with creators unknown to each other, as well as time, can enrich or devalue the final work.

Alex Chaves, The National

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Telephone began as an artist exercise conceived with the goal of encouraging experimental artistic production as an alternative method in the UAE’s otherwise heavily structured and regulated art ecosystem. The two-month long exercise brought together 38 artists of various practices, inviting them to create new work under time pressure in an attempt to challenge the notion of a perfectly produced artwork. 

Following in the spirit of the common childhood game, ‘Broken Telephone’, artists were invited to produce work in response to one another in a linear chain. Each artist had the opportunity to see the work produced before them in the chain and then prepare their response piece based off of what they had seen. Artists were limited by the 48-hour production period from the moment they saw the work preceding theirs to the moment they submitted their own new work. 

After the Beep, held at Satellite on Alserkal Avenue, was the exercise’s culminating exhibition in which all new works produced by participating artists were revealed to the public. Arranged in a manner that illustrated the order in which the works were produced, it was the first opportunity for participating artists to experience how the art pieces had evolved along the 38-person chain, similar to how a whisper evolves in a round of ‘Broken Telephone’.

After the Beep was co-curated by Sarah Daher and Anna Bernice. With support from Rami Farook.